Welcome to Peters MacGregor Capital Management.

We are a boutique value based investment manager based in Sydney, Australia that was founded in 1999.  We offer our investors concentrated, bottom up and benchmark unaware global equity portfolios that aim to generate returns above the MSCI AC World Net Total Returns IMI Index (AUD) over the long term (five years plus), while reducing the risk of permanent capital loss.

To achieve those objectives, we believe that superior long term returns can be generated by investing in a small number of great companies, run by great management, purchased at a great price e.g. a 20% discount to our assessment of value.

As such, we are looking for businesses with durable competitive advantage, run by people who will maintain and/or improve on that advantage over time. In order to assess these attributes, we focus on businesses we can understand. We place a heavy weight on high probabilities and do not diversify our share holdings into industries and companies we do not understand.

We offer investors two ways to invest with us.

For Advisers, Retail Clients and Trustees of Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF), we offer a Fund that accepts any amount above $10,000 and Sophisticated Investors, with more than $2m, can invest via our Individually Managed Account (IMA) offering.

Most recent Fund Research Rating by Atchison.

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Company Announcement

Peters MacGregor Global Fund is now available via the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) mFund settlement service (“mFund”).